Link Acquisition

Link Acquisition

Building links or getting links is an important component of a natural referral to a website, and implementing a good link acquisition strategy is essential.

The link Acquisition process is very helpful in increasing the popularity and ranking of your page in search engines. This link acquisition process is an essential part of search engine optimization.

What Can DigitalAcross Do For You ?

Quality Backlinks is our specialty, we are able to help you build a good Link Acquisition for your site.

In fact, getting links directly affects over 30% of your SEO and plays a significant role in boosting your website’s authority with search engines. Links to your website can improve traffic by 27% to 40%, increasing the number of leads and why not, your customers!

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DigitalAcross experts in SEO and web marketing, we support you in developing a relevant and personalized engagement acquisition strategy. We are very strong and we have 50000+ bloggers relationship. We have a vast knowledge of sports betting and iGaming links. We have built lots of high-quality links for the many big brands.

Our goal is to improve your natural references, DigitalAcross specializes in Gambling, iGaming, Sports Betting thus determining the position of your website on search engines, especially Google.

Now more than before, search engine algorithms are becoming more selective and accurate in dealing with website external links. The quality of the links and the authority of the sites come from more than quantity. Aware of this, our team offers you a Link Acquisition strategy based on:

Quality Links :

Link quality is a critical factor for search engines, but getting quality external links is no easy task. Our team performs a thorough analysis of your website in order to select and then obtain qualified links.

Personal  Approach :

Qualifying links for one website do not necessarily qualify for another website. In fact, the quality of external links is related to the nature of the site and the services or products offered by the company. We provide each customer with a customized link acquisition strategy to enable them to obtain high-quality links from websites related to their industry.

Guest Articles :

Including external links in guest posts is a good idea if the listing is natural and reasonable. Search engines have the power to determine if the link is listed in a related article and if the listing is really appropriate. In addition to getting links to your website, we, therefore, offer to write guest articles that guarantee the quality of the links listed.

High-Quality Content :

For other websites (or other platforms) to accept external links to your site, your site must be provided with high-quality content. This is the job of our editors who write unique and relevant content for you, and our SEO experts who care to improve your content.