How we do

We Have Everything You Need To Take You Further

We are in the service of your projects. We deliver results through winning communication strategies. No matter the challenge or the complexity of your business environment, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

Crisis Management:

DigitalAcross can help you by conducting a rigorous assessment of your organization’s readiness to manage your communications in an emergency. Our experts can also give you all the tools you need to overcome a future crisis through the development of a tailor-made emergency plan and the training of your crisis managers. Our seasoned experts support you in all stages of managing your communications in emergency situations.

A Social Acceptability Approach

The realization of your projects is the result of a transparent process of social acceptability marked by the seal of listening and dialogue. DigitalAcross has developed a proven methodology that identifies and manages project issues with each of the stakeholders. This participatory method makes it possible to better inform the communities affected or concerned by a project and to respond to their concerns.

Engage With Relevance

You have a story to tell, we are convinced of it. You need a content strategy to share it and achieve your business goals. Whether it is to inform or educate your audiences about the importance of an issue, to highlight your attractions and achievements, or to promote your expertise or your products, participate in the construction of your public identity and develop your stories to propagate them on all platforms. DigitalAcross will plan winning strategies with you and develop exclusive and innovative content for you.

The Right Message To The Right People

The generalization of social networks and the multiplicity of actors revolving around an organization forces them to clearly define their relationships with the masses, especially engaging in a conversation with them. There is no longer a single message for all audiences, but messages for specific societies. DigitalAcross is at your service to advise you on the choice of messages and the best communication channels. Our advisors can support you as well as lead the discussion with your audience on all platforms.

SEO Service

With the SEO website advertising services provided by DigitalAcross, we will make your site a friend to search engines to be at the forefront of search results. We have already worked in many fields, such as real estate, medicine, cars, marble, factories, and major companies.

Brand Management

We manage and publish high-quality content and interrelate with your followers and customers by responding to their comments and inquiries. Prepare detailed reports on your followers, in terms of their cities, geographic regions, and age, in addition to analyzing the topics and content you publish, and knowing the percentages of reaching it and interacting with it.

Link Acquisition:

Usually, we create useful links to your site’s requests. Before we start building links for your site, we do a complete and financial analysis of your site. Based on the results of these analyzes, we formulate strategies for the link-building campaign. In accordance with your site, we try to obtain quality links and related subject matter of your site.

Following a strategy for link building will give you more backlinks.

  • Presentation of directories
  • Article submissions
  • Dissemination of press releases
  • Follow up on the social bookmark
  • Respond to blog comments
  • Follow up on signing in forums.
  • Creation of web templates
  • Creation of WordPress modules

Creating web templates or WordPress modules will go a long way in increasing the backlinks for your site on the Internet.

  • We put our support and expertise into your service.
  • Our services are carried out with the objective of growth and profit for your brand.
  • We advise you on the solution that suits you, adapting to your budget.