Brand Management

Today, it is more and more likely that consumers will encounter your brand online than offline:

  • Preparation of your digital brand charter :
  • Develop the fundamental orientations of your brand communication.
  • Establishment of your editorial line :
  • Plan, target, and define the roles of your representatives in your digital actions.
  • Sectorial digital watch on your brand :
  • Monitor the evolution of your brand and your industry in online discussions.
  • Optimization of your web campaigns :
  • Develop your own emailing campaigns and strengthen your positioning.
  • Identification of prescribers for your brand on the web :
  • Animation of discussions around your brand.

Strengthen Your Brand :

  • Management of your marketing and communication content.
  • Identification of prescribers for your brand on the web.
  • Animation of discussions around your brand.
  • Establishment of your web marketing campaigns.

Your Brand Needs You :

It’s high time to give your brand a boost. Thanks to our services, together we will make your image shine on the Internet.

Our Brand Strategy Process :

How do the brand strategy and brand creation service work at DigitalAcross at the service of your brand and its recognition, we will offer you a tailor-made and supported service.

Project Definition And Brand Background Analysis :

We start with an in-depth study of the needs and objectives of the brand strategy project. This is the starting point that allows us to continue defining the branding strategy, many needs or objectives that may be different depending on the case: brand creation, rebranding & rebranding, new segmentation, etc.

This study has accompanied the analysis of the brand background, where we identify the image of the brand and define the territory of the brand. We also carry out the proposal and reflection of brand names.

Analysis Of Potential Markets :

Once the base of the brand has been identified and defined, we analyze the product (s) & they’re imaginary and we put them against the current competition, the state of the market, and its prospects for development, to identify the strengths and brand weaknesses. We thus integrate these strengths into our brand strategy study and work on potential weaknesses. Finally, the most precise target definition possible is performed.

Analysis Of Distribution Channels :

After the in-depth study of the market and the brand’s target, the analysis and identification of the appropriate communication channels for the brand following. The favored advertising channels will be those mainly used by the target, for example on mobile on a certain application or on the computer through a social network.

As the work here is analytical and reflective, all possible communication solutions (as well as suitable promising channels) will be proposed and defined with each their strengths and weaknesses, all linked to the current target market.

Branding And Conclusion :

After identifying the environment, the communication channels, and the brand’s strengths, we offer branding solutions, for example with proposals for packaging, visual identity, brand identity uniformity, etc. Numerous product and brand branding activities will be offered, all personalized and in line with the visual identity of the brand if it has been defined.

DigitalAcross supports you throughout this definition of your brand strategy, it is through discussion, feedback, passion, and interest in your brand and your products that we can communicate together on the same desire for success.